Intermediate Rides

The learn to canter ride

Length 1.5 hrs
Price: $85 pp
Group (10 or more): $65 pp
School groups: email for price

If you have had enough walk and trot experience this is the ride for you. You will get the opportunity to step it up to the next pace on a great track through the National Park. This is our ‘Learn to canter’ ride.

If you are ready to advance this is the ride, you will get the opportunity to try a faster pace without having to prove anything to anyone in a safe and controlled environment.

The practice canter ride

Length 2 hrs
Price: $95 pp
Group (10 or more): -
School groups: -

This ride is for anyone wanting to practice cantering in a controlled environment, after you have done our learn to canter ride and feel you are comfortable and not quite ready for the experienced rides, this is the one.

A lovely scenic track at the back of Fairhaven Beach with plenty of spots to practice slow cantering.

The Pub and Beach ride

Length 6 hrs
Price: $220 pp
Group (10 or more): email us
School Groups: email us

Enjoy a day riding onto Fairhaven Beach with a morning ride right up to Spout Creek then back to the Inlet and up to the Aireys Pub for late lunch (included) before heading back to Blazing Saddles.

Lunch options from a specialised Blazing Saddles menu and one house wine/beer per person. Starts 10am.

2 people required. Min age 13.

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